A body of time


So, I'm going to call the place I spent most of  my awareness/focus the Energy realm. "Ether" sounds a little too scary, too medical, and the Spirit realm can have weird connotations--good connotations, but also weird. Because I think I was (and am?) still trying to attain the Spirit realm. The nirvana. The center of the vortex. A place of peace. The Ohm in the middle of the world.

So, in the Energy realm, time moves differently. The thought is as good as the deed.

In fact, there are many things that haven't been physically accomplished here in the physical world because I had done them in the energetic world. Letters unsent, gifts unpurchased, events unattended. I had already spent time and energy thinking about, experiencing, enjoying these things. And in the energy world, that felt finished. So there was only a vague push to put the letter in the envelope. To actually get outside. To really pick up the phone.

The advent of text and email have greatly improved my personal communications. Not fixed, but improved.

The point is, it takes at least twice as much energy to do things physically. It's like breaking through the atmosphere. 

An object at rest stays at rest.

And in the energy world, it doesn't take any time at all to do everything I want to do; everything that catches my interest. I can do yoga, write a story, enjoy time with my husband, go for a walk, do a full 30 minute meditation, and read a little all before putting in a full day's work (fulfilling and enjoyable work, where I blaze through all the tasks perfectly with joy and much laughter.) I also fit in visits with friends full of lovely conversation, and another meditation/connection with that Spirit Realm to close out the day. And I might write a song and read a book in there too. You know, if I feel like it.

And oh! the lovely, easily processed, non-body harming food I consume!

In the energy world, I think it, and it is done.

So in the physical world, I dither. My thoughts run and flit and fly and… 
...and I stand paralyzed, trying to figure out what to actually give the physical energy to. What is right? What is the most needful? What will bring about the feeling of happiness? What, in "real time" will achieve the same delightful feel in body and mind and spirit that I feel when I am "daydreaming"?

I want to spend time with everyone and give myself time too.

The physical world can feel so limiting. 

The energetic world is much nicer. More equal. And I don't have to make decisions or choose between myself and others. Or even between myself today and myself tomorrow.


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