Why 40 years?

A friend asked, why a "40 year out of body experience"? Why not 30 or 20?


Partly, it is because I had a heart attack when I was 40 years old. Well, 40 and a half, but the 40 is the important part.

Many years ago (I think I was about 20), I had a palm reading at one of those community parties, as you do. And she asked if I had had a major medical issue, or had a career change? I said nope.  The thing I remember is that  half way through my life, there would be a big change.

So, when I had the heart attack, and the subsequent years of learning and relearning and exploring, I think of it as the half way point of my life. That I have 40 more years to go. 40 is stuck in my head as a significant number of years.

From another angle:  I am now in my fifties. 

And In my teen years (say, 40 years ago), I did try to commit suicide--in my own unique way. I decided to take a metaphysical train out of my body and into the heavens. Do a true out of body experience. 

I was well on my way, when I changed my mind. I don't know if I was nervous about where I would end up, or thinking, "you know, I'll miss my family," or even perhaps I realized it was so easy, I could do it anytime I want.

Or maybe someone called me back.

 So I started my return trip.

I was never sure that I made it all the way back.

And 40 is number that pops up in the Bible a couple times. 40 days and 40 nights for the flood; Jesus had 40 days in the desert. At least, that's how I remember it.

Those are all the associations I consciously have with 40, and hence the reason why it is part of the title of my blog.


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