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A body of time

  So, I'm going to call the place I spent most of  my awareness/focus the Energy realm. "Ether" sounds a little too scary, too medical, and the Spirit realm can have weird connotations--good connotations, but also weird. Because I think I was (and am?) still trying to attain the Spirit realm. The nirvana. The center of the vortex. A place of peace. The Ohm in the middle of the world. So, in the Energy realm, time moves differently. The thought is as good as the deed. In fact, there are many things that haven't been physically accomplished here in the physical world because I had done them in the energetic world. Letters unsent, gifts unpurchased, events unattended. I had already spent time and energy thinking about, experiencing, enjoying these things. And in the energy world, that felt finished. So there was only a vague push to put the letter in the envelope. To actually get outside. To really pick up the phone. The advent of text and email have greatly improved my

Advocating for the body

I have difficulty getting moving, sometimes: getting out of bed; getting up off the couch; putting down the book; turning off the television.  Even though I often think, boy, I need to get to bed sooner so I can get out of bed earlier and GET THINGS DONE (the driving guilt of my life), every night I just want to stay suspended in time, play in someone else’s world. And the best part of waking up? Snuggling back into the dark warmth of the snooze–for it is a magical time, those snooze times. I've done the obligatory resting of the body; now I get to drift in a world that exists without any effort of mine. Not gonna get up. Can’t make me. Things I have read and heard say it’s the habit of the body, the body's fault--that I feel inclined to inactivity. I need to take control, tame the body like I would taming an animal. Force myself to get up, get out, exercise; have will power to deny those physical cravings; turn away from the sins of the flesh. Frankly, I have never tamed an

A body is a terrible thing to waste

  A friend asked me the other day, why I thought my body had undergone so many physical difficulties. As metaphysical persons, we do believe there is a connection between the spiritual and the physical; that our thoughts can bring about our reality. And we have always striven to think thoughts of health and wellness; thoughts of abundance and joy; thoughts of skill and community. So why, why, why have our bodies, in effect, betrayed us? My truth is this: because for the last 40 years, I have been out of my body. Which I suppose isn’t exactly right; I have obviously been somehow connected to my body, as we are walking and talking and singing and creating, hugging and dancing. But I have not been fully integrated.  Growing up, I rocked the spiritual aspect. I was intellectual and I was imaginative and most of all I was looking toward the Heavens. Because that's what it was supposed to be all about wasn't it? Keep your mind on God. Think holy thoughts. Mind over matter. Yes, I did